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I recently decided to join the online spiritual community of Oranum, where I’m able to bring my wisdom, gifts and mystic skills to help people find answers they seek.

I’m a Channeler, an Empath and a Clairvoyant, on top of being a Certified Intuitive Life Coach (and everything else I also do). I channel Divine Spirit through Higher-Self and by reading your aura and energy (without any tools or cards or pendulums), I’m able to guide you, coach you and comfort you.

Be warned, I say it like it is, providing answers you NEED, not want to hear. Nonetheless, as a Mystic Spiritualistic Alchemist, I combine all my knowledge, experiences, expertise as well as insight and infuse them with Higher Consciousness, Spirituality, Mysticism, Faith and Love so I can deliver direction and clarity not to mention hope. 

Registering to Oranum is FREE, come by, and let’s start a conversation and see what are ways I can help you get through. If you come in at the right time, you might get chosen to be part of a demo. 

Much Love&Light Always, Be Blessed.


- Moe Love

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